Commitment to Quality

Clean Fresh Taste!

Our crawfish are peeled fresh and are never put in coolers for days before peeling.  As the crawfish are brought to our plant, straight from our farm, they are washed, graded, and processed immediately.

D&G’s Crawfish have been entered in numerous taste test with restaurants, stores, and other LA state competitions.  We are proud to say our product has won “every” test to date. To harvest our crawfish we use push boats, not mechanically driven boats. Our water quality stays clearer and cleaner which keeps our crawfish cleaner and helps keep our tail meat tasting its' best. We are insecticide free and only use fresh water from deep water wells.

You will not find cleaner or fresher tasting crawfish with the assurance of quality on the market.

Our alligator meat is 100% premium farm raised Louisiana alligator processed here at home. We take care to provide the cleanest cuts of meat.  Fried alligator fillets are one of the most popular appetizers in homes and throughout restaurants in Louisiana. Try it today!